29 may. 2007



We're a compact, hardworking illustration and animation company, also producing concept art and character design, for editorial, publishing and TV - consistently original, striking work with a versatile approach.

Cengiz Bodur

Cengiz Bodur was born in Germany and raised in Turkey, where he gained a degree in Fine Arts. Although his creative background is traditional art, he has been creating digital art works for tree years. He gives plenty of his time to create vector illustrations. He always likes to try out different ways to express his ideas with digital art. His work is mainly influenced by nature. He likes illustrating portraits, landscapes, flowers.

McCarty PhotoWorks

The photographs and photo-illustrations of McCarty PhotoWorks are like no others.Embracing the quirky and the artistic, the whimsical and the profound, the satirical and the serious, the studio is the commercial outlet for the imaginative work of Brian McCarty.

McCarty PhotoWorks

Pietari Posti

Pietari was born in Helsinki, Finland in the late 70's. When other kids were asking him to play, he preferred to stay in and draw. Later they stopped asking. Nowadays he spends his days and nights illustrating both the traditional way, and by computer, and more often using both. Today Pietari is working as a freelance illustrator in Barcelona since 2005.

The Hand Collector

He collect hands...with paints, drawnings, etc... the hand collector lives in italy. See this collection and colaborate. The Hand Collector


version of the portfoolio and visual identity of award-winning swedish 21-years-old graphical designer illustrator, motion-designer and Crew11-member Hampus H.


From Manila, Philippines a design studio concocted by digital baristas and authentic coffee junkies Jois Tai (she takes it w/ milk) and Rex Advincula (he takes it w/ sugar). A visual stimulant. A creative brewery. An excuse for waking up late. An excuse for staying up later.

Patrick Boyer

One of the most influential designers of 2004 by WebDesign Magazine. Urbancowboy

Roth Aniko

28 may. 2007


beautifull illustrations and web related experiments.


Sameer Kulavoor

Without any particular background in graphic design, his liking for art led him to exploring different mediums. After graduating from Sir. J. J. Institute of Applied Arts and topping the Mumbai University, he chose to freelance. The tempting offers from the best of advertising, design and animation houses in India couldn’t budge him from pursuing what he believed in.

22 may. 2007

James Hamilton

James always works to a process of visually brainstorming ideas and concepts through illustrations (usually in an exhibition format) the resulting forms of which are adapted and changed into prints - which then dictate the nature of the design concept for the current season. This working process is a natural development of his original working ethic started on his degree- the notion of 'art that you can wear', albeit in a simplified, wearable version.


I'm working on a body of ink drawings & exploring adding color. A lot of my inspiratinon comes from a set of stories i've been writing. Hope u enjoy the work i've posted :) ... Brittlestar*'s.

Ophelia Chong

Una artista multidiciplinaria.

Mario Júnior

Artista Plastico,Ilustrador,web designer e designer.

Mario Júnior

Lori Field

Colored pencil drawing on rice paper, thread, chinese cut paper collage elements, encaustic, beeswax.