18 sep. 2008

Oleg Duryagin

DOU is the portfolio of young Russian photographer Oleg Duryagin.



Nice illustrations, from Taiwan.


9 sep. 2008

Dmitry Maksimov

A mix of photo and illustration.

Dmitry Maksimov

33 RPM Design

A graduate from the Art Institute of Seattle, Andrio Abero established 33rpm, in 2000. Recognized as a leading designer from the Northwest, Andrio has proudly worked within Seattle's vibrant music scene for almost 10 years. He now lives and works in the creative capitol of Brooklyn, NY.

Naoto Hattori

Japanesse illustrator and graphic designer.

Naoto Hattori

7 sep. 2008

Alberto Montt

Alberto Montt in daily dosis. A graphic humor blog and editorial illustrations.


Kimiko Yoshida

Photographer Kimiko Yoshida transforms herself into the brides of the world in an ongoing series of self-portraits taken over the last seven years.

5 sep. 2008

Intervención urbana

Blog dedicado a la difusión de las creativas intervenciones urbanas de un grupo de estudiantes de diseño. Vamos a darle una nueva cara a la ciudad.