28 dic. 2008

Alika-Rikki - Painted rocks

Realistic animals painted on the rocks.


13 dic. 2008

Shape Of Things

ShapeOfThings is a non-commercial exploratory play-space of designer/commercial artist/art director Eli Carrico.

Gwenola Carrere

A great great illustrator.

Gwenola Carrere

Vintage alien landscapes by Kazuaki Saito

In the early 1970s, artist Kazuaki Saito’s fantastic alien landscape illustrations graced the covers of SF Magazine, Japan’s first successful and longest running science fiction periodical.

Honda Civic Commercial: Grooves

The Civic has always been about connecting drivers to the road. That got us thinking. Could we build a road that enhanced that connection?

Nancy Muller

Illustrator, Animator, Crafter, Space Cadet. Hopelessly obsessed with stories.

Kiss a bug

Tony Papesh

Animator/Designer who lives and works in California, USA.

Tony Papesh