31 jul. 2007

Le Avventure del Cane Picio

Patray Lui started her illustration series Le Avventure del Cane Picio (The Adventure of Dog Picio) earlier this year for the sake of killing time but is now enjoying herself with it. The adventure is inspired by her everyday life experience with some fantasies. He is a Hong Kong born designer currently based in the Netherlands.

Tenmyouya Hisashi

Tenmyouya calls his work “Neo Nihonga”, a genre that he has developed. “Neo Nihonga” is the concept of taking thematic and technical approaches from traditional Japanese painting and reviving them in the present day. From Saitama, Japan.


The fine work of Gordei.


21 jul. 2007

Joy Ang

My passion has been art for as long as I can remember. With my art I strive for one main goal, and that is to stir the emotions from those who view it. I admire subtlety and believe that as much can be said through it as exaggeration. I love God, family, and friends, and they are, above all else, the most important things in my life. Joy Ang.

Joanne Gair

Joanne Gair is an artist and image maker who has emerged as the premiere make-up artist/body painter in the world and now photographer in her own right. Originally from New Zealand, Gair had a keen interest in art photography and exploring different mediums, which is what eventually led her down the path as an illusionist and to the United States.


Andrea Innocent Is an emerging freelance illustrator/animator/artist now living back in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Innocentgirl had lived in Japan for 3 years and now visits twice a year for inspiration for new works.


MTV Hats

Tratamiento de el logo de MTV. Galerias y galerias...Un proyecto abierto para artistas varios. MTV Hats


De espiritu totalmente ochentero, muy cool.



Finos trabajos digitales.

Maarten Vande Wiele

Maarten Vande Wiele was born in Gent in 1977. He started a study of animation, but soon switched to photography and comics. His first comics stories were published in magazine Beeldstorm. He contributed the story "Glamourissimo" to the Pincet-series and created the Charlie's Angels parody "Best Girlfriends Forever 2000".

Shannon Bonatakis

Portfolio online of Shannon Bonatakis.

Matt Dawson

The fine artwork of Mathew Dawson.

Matt Dawson

20 jul. 2007


See the inside artwork of many differents books. Very nice page.

Thoby Thane Neightbors

A Free lance illustratror, currently working in Texas. Hepcatink

Brian Raszka

I am inspired to make art as a way of processing my experiences in the world. I comment on current and historical events as they relate to our present state. Making art is a way for me to understand the world. I mix media, styles and subject matter. I process media and ideas just as I must process images and information coming at me from all sides. I act both spontaneously and with intent. The working of the art itself determines the outcome. I favor the quick sketch, the cartoon, texture, color and abstract passages. Brian Raszka.