25 mar. 2009

Nadadoru Visual Factory

Mi brand new online portfolio. I hope you enjoy it!!! Thanks for your visits!!!

19 mar. 2009

Mia Araujo

Michelle Araujo

Gianluca Mattia

Pin ups modern style.

Gianluca Mattia

Gas attack!: Vintage air raid defense posters

In 1938, the Japanese Red Cross worked with government authorities to create a series of posters to teach the public about the new Anti-Aircraft Defense Law, which was enacted in seeming anticipation of air strikes following the outbreak of the Japan-China War (1937-1945). Among other things, the new law required citizens to take protective measures against gas attacks and prepare for disinfection, evacuation and relief. For the government, one purpose of the posters — which were created as part of a military exhibition at the Red Cross Museum — was to instill a pattern of “anti-aircraft defense thought” among the population.


May Ann Licudine a.k.a Mall is a visual artist, cat lover, strawberry + watermelon eater. Nature photographer, rubber stamp carver, typography addict, happy dreamer, hearing impaired overcomer.

18 mar. 2009

Film the blanks

An ongoing experiment in deconstructing and abstracting film posters. Some famous and some not so famous.