7 jul. 2011

Mielo Pouwer

  • Characters, Design, Typography  and Illustration

3 comentarios:

Jackie Darrington dijo...

I love your design of the Call for Papers poster. En serio me encanta. I feel like like style of graphic design is used too exclusively with concert announcements and it need to be more broadly applied. So thank you.

J Petersen dijo...

I agree with Jackie's take on graphic design . I love the Call for Papers poster as well. Love the color. This style of poster design has such a unique style. I think it could benefit from even a greater amount of contrast in the size of type.

Reed Twil dijo...

I think so too J Petersen, MIleo has the makings of being a graphic designer but The Call for Papers needs more definition of the typeface, it ends up looking unnecessarily blurry.